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Our Process

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Not all lots are the same. We will provide an on site consultation to visit your current lot or potential lot or land that you are considering to purchase. There can be numerous items that may have a drastic impact on the cost of your new home. We provide on site visits at no cost.


You may just be thinking of building a new home or already have your own set of prints. What ever the case may be we can help with your home design. We work with many local design firms and have worked with many out of state firms as far as Utah. We offer design approach that takes the surroundings, life style, and quality to produce your own plan. We can help offer the flexibility of helping your family arrive at your finished product. This process will usually require several meetings.


We refer this part of the pre construction phase to our clients known as the….. ‘must have list’, ‘would like to have list’, or the ‘wish list’

This phase to us is the most important phase. Without these items, we have found that some of our potential customers are ‘not sure’ what they are getting. We have a delivery system that takes industry standards, collaborative selections of materials, ideas, and building components to come up with your personal ‘specifications’. This ties directly into the estimate and cost analysis depending on where you are in the pre construction phase.


We realize that building a new home or major renovation project is typically one of the biggest investments our clients make. We find that when working with our clients in early planning stages it can eliminate the guess work of cost overruns.  Their are a few types of ways we help our clients establish this important element.

Preliminary Budget-we estimate and gather cost known as well as include budget and allowances that help establish parameters in the preliminary stage.
Specific contract price- often time this is used when our clients know their specification of what they desire

Fixed Fee management contract- this is often an agreement entered into when our clients want to have total transparency to the cost of their project. We will collaborate together while building your home or project.


The building process can be overwhelming at times for some clients. We feel our clients choose and trust us for a reason, to provide an enjoyable experience for our clients and allow us to do what we enjoy doing.

We manage all of the building process and construction phases. This can include obtaining engineer site plans, surveys, applications for utilities, zoning and building permits. The owner is on each job overseeing daily activities of your project. We schedule on site meeting throughout out the construction phase when necessary with our clients to go over questions and clarity for important items.


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